Tru-Cuff LM & TT

The most affordable inflation syringe with a cuff pressure indicator

The Tru-Cuff Inflation device for both Laryngeal Masks (LM) and Endotracheal Tubes (TT) set the standard for laryngeal mask and endotracheal tube patient safety. The Tru-Cuff has a cuff pressure indicator built into a syringe that allows the Anesthesia Provider to inflate the Cuff to ASA recommended pressures. The Tru-Cuff is a cost saving combination Syringe/ Pressure indicator that allows the Provider to inflate the cuff of your laryngeal mask or tracheal tube to appropriate pressure levels. The Tru-Cuff comes standard with all AES Single use Laryngeal Masks or can be purchased separately.

Instructions for use: Attach the Tru-Cuff syringe to the endotracheal tube or laryngeal mask inflation line.
Inflate until the black line is in the green pressure zone.